Measurement and Verification Protocol

An essential element of certifying facilities for energy efficiency is verifying energy performance through measurement and verification (M&V). The Superior Energy Performance M&V Protocol for Industry will offer a best practice methodology to 1) verify the results and impact from implementation of ISO 50001; 2) track energy performance changes over time for an industrial facility; and 3) document energy performance normalized to production and other relevant variables.

The Superior Energy Performance M&V Protocol for Industry has been piloted in Texas and additional demonstrations across the United States. It is currently undergoing revisions.

To qualify for Superior Energy Performance Certified Partner status, third-party verification of results is required. ANSI-ANAB accredited SEP Verification Bodies will conduct an SEP conformity audit using an SEP Lead Auditor and SEP Performance Verifier(s). These personnel must be certified by the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP).