Standards and Protocols

International Standard for Energy Management: ISO 50001
The ISO 50001 establishes an international framework for individual facilities or entire companies to manage energy, including all aspects of procurement and use. To qualify for Superior Energy Performance, a facility has to demonstrate conformance with ISO 50001 while meeting additional requirements to achieve and document energy performance improvements. Read more about ISO 50001 and the development of the standard.

SEP Certification Protocol
The Superior Energy Performance Certification Protocol describes the purpose of the Superior Energy Performance program and defines the steps required for participation—from initial application through certification by an ANSI-ANAB accredited Verification Body.

ANSI/MSE 50021
The ANSI/MSE 50021 standard specifies the requirements of the Superior Energy Performance program beyond those of the ISO 50001 energy management standard. These additional requirements are related to energy management and energy performance and include performance achievement requirements. ANSI/MSE 50021 can be purchased from the ANSI Webstore.

Measurement and Verification Protocol
The Superior Energy Performance M&V Protocol for Industry defines a methodology to 1) verify the results and impact of a facility’s implementation of ISO 50001; 2) quantify energy savings from specific measures or projects; and 3) document energy performance normalized to production and other relevant variables. An M&V Protocol for commercial buildings is under development. Read more about measurement and verification.

ASME System Assessment Standards
ASME standards have been developed for conducting energy assessments of specific energy systems, including compressed air, process heating, pumps, and steam. These standards will help industry identify, document, and prioritize energy performance improvement opportunities. Use of the system assessment standards is not required for participation in Superior Energy Performance. Read more.

Industrial Facility Best Practice Scorecard<
Industrial facilities seeking to use the Mature Energy Pathway to qualify for Superior Energy Performance Certified Partner status will use the SEP Industrial Facility Best Practice Scorecard to assess the maturity of the facility’s energy management system. The scorecard describes credits that can be earned by implementing energy management system activities, processes or procedures that are “above and beyond” the requirements of ISO 50001. Facilities that implement enough credits will accumulate points to qualify them to certify at the silver, gold, or platinum levels.

ANSI/MSE 50028 for SEP Verification Bodies
ANSI and ANAB use the ANSI/MSE 50028 standard to accredit organizations that provide verification for Superior Energy Performance. ANSI/MSE 50028 specifies the principles and requirements for SEP Verification Bodies and verification of energy performance and energy management systems. ANSI/MSE 50028 can be purchased from the ANSI Webstore. Read more about verification.