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If you’re in charge of a mid-size or large commercial property, you’ve probably run into your fair share of pushback if you’ve ever tried to argue for the importance—or even the necessity—of a lush landscape project. Perhaps the money counters at your firm have tried to convince you of the non-necessity of a landscape that does more than simply meet the minimum requirements.

Or perhaps you’re the one who isn’t quite sold on the idea of living greenery as a wise investment. Maybe you’re not yet convinced, for instance, that commercial landscape design can do much more than simply add a touch of required greenery to an otherwise bland, commercial landscape.

Benefits of Outsourcing Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Payroll, information technology, digital marketing. For many years, large and small businesses alike have outsourced a variety of services to third parties. The continued growth of landscape services over the past several years reflects the rise in outsourced commercial services as well.

What’s motivating this shift? This blog post details the numerous benefits of outsourcing commercial landscape maintenance.

5 Reasons to Outsource Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Instead of leaning on internal resources to tackle commercial landscape maintenance, businesses should consider outsourcing these services as an alternative. Here’s why.

Reduces Operational Costs

While commercial landscape maintenance requires a monetary investment, it ultimately saves businesses money in the long run. Not only are there no equipment costs to worry about (from fuel and oil to maintenance and storage), but outsourcing saves on payroll costs as well.

Frees Up Internal Resources

When property managers can share their workload with an entrusted landscape provider, they have more time to dedicate to other business activities. This could range from recruiting and screening tenants to maximize profits or attending to emergency repairs to keep tenants safe.

Mitigates Risks

Whether it’s because of improper tools or techniques, a DIY approach to commercial landscape maintenance comes with its fair share of hazards. Handing the reins over to an experienced landscape provider avoids injuries on the job as well as property damage that can cause falls.

Delivers Better Results

When a commercial landscape is healthier, it attracts positive attention from existing tenants, as well as visitors who can turn into future tenants. This positive impression is paired with the fact that a clean, modern landscape also enhances the perceived property value, so rent costs can be increased.

A Consistent Schedule

Every landscape maintenance routine requires a degree of consistency to see long-term results. Whereas internal team members can become distracted by other tasks and may have to delay these efforts, a landscape provider is focused solely on the landscape and has a defined schedule to keep things on track.

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